Hello all,

I'm new to the product Data Synchronizer and an iPad 2.
We want to synchronize the agenda of my boss from Groupwise to the iPad with de Data Synchronizer.
It looked great when reading the manual(s) but I'm not getting anything to see in the iPad Agenda.

When I'm making a new connection on the iPad with the tutorial that is on wiki.novell.com everything is happening what is told but when I open the Mail an error occurs that it cannot connect to the server.
If I open the Agenda, it's empty and can't select another Agenda.

If I make a new connection I can see that Groupwise is trying to delivering some stuff but in the log file of the engine it will produce the error for redelivery attempts.

I really don't know where to look for what I'm doing wrong. Or where the system(s) is mis-configured.

Kind Regards,
Paul Reemeijer