I'm running GW 8.02 HP2 on SLES 10 SP2 and I'm struggling to decide how to handle my ever-growing OFFILES folder. We have only 85 users here, but there are over 100 resource mailboxes in addition that people forward messages to regarding specific customers. Yeah, they could just as easily copy them to a folder and share that folder with others, but this is what they've been doing since running GW 5.

Our user database files are only 12 Gb and our message database files are about 13 Gb, but the attachment directories are now at approx. 300 Gb total and they're growing considerably every day. I have read many older posts about this and it seems that a lot of you are enforcing a delete/expire policy for emails older than a certain date. We do use GWAVA Retain here, so we do have an archive of nearly everything, but we haven't opened that up to users and I'm not sure if management would want me to.

The culture here is one of "save everything - you may need to refer to it later". While this is fine for emails, it's not so fine when so many of them include attachments. It drives me crazy to think that many users seem to be using Groupwise as a second file server.

What kinds of things should I think about doing here? One option I thought of was creating a new partition for the OFFILES folders and just having separate larger disks for that partition, but all that really does is move my problem somewhere else. Eventually those disks are going to fill up too.

I'd like to start using Groupwise archives, but I'm not sure I can with the way we use Groupwise. That is, I would like to set Groupwise to automatically archive emails over a certain age, that way if users need an old email, all they need to do is choose "Open Archive". However, because our users forward a lot of emails to resources, they often proxy into those resources to read emails. I don't think I would be able to archive messages from those resources and allow users to access those archives via proxy, correct?

Any thoughts on what you do or what I should do are much appreciated. At this rate, I probably have about 60 days before I run out of disk space. I may end up going around and asking users to manually delete old messages, though I don't think this will be very effective (especially since 95% of users will ignore my request.)