Hi !

Last week we have lost our BM 3.5 VPN Master because of hardware crash. Now
i have installed a BM 3.8; configured it as vpnmaster (with iManager and
vpncfg for backwards compatibility). The slaves are mixed, BM 3.5-3.7 and
one BM 3.8.

One big Problem: Because there is no VPN Tunnel, the slaves are out of
sync(DS and Time). Thats the reason wy i cannot configure the one BM 3.8
slave for using IKE. So i configured it with vpncfg as slave. All
vpn-configuration is well - but if i add the slave with nwadmin, the master
and slave cannot connect.If i ping from slave to master, the connection
failed at the moment i a add the slave and press ok. If i delete the slave
with nwadmin, the connection is back. Why ? (TCPIP Configuration is well on
both sides, VPN-NLMs are loaded and reinitialized, no routings that can
make this error)

In this situation (master is dead,slaves are mixed and out of sync) is
there any other way to get the site-to-site-vpn working ? Can i configure
the BM 3.8 slave to use IKE ?

Any tip or idea is welcome
Many thanks