Hi ,

I have 2 BM 3.8 SP1a in A Novell 6.5 SP1

After reboot the MASTER SERVER I got the line:

Call Connection established for protocol IP to destination
VPTUNNEL@12.32.25.A and if I use Callmgr I can see the Status as Out-

But in the SLAVE server ( 12.32.25.B) the tunnel DOES NOT COMES UP, the
conneccion is established since I can see the messages in the screen.

The error message at AUDIT LOG ( Master Site ) is:

Failed to create IKE SA - Certificate authentication failure. cookies my-
his : B1F0806A7A53DXXX-A84845C7FE29CXXX src: 12.32.25.A

I already check the Subject Name, and I have the same in Both servers:


I looked at the Master Root Container and If found the two certificates,
one that was created during the VPN configuration ( Master) and the other
that was imported from the Slave server.

At the Slave Root Container i found the Master Certificate, the one that
was exporter from Master server.

At this point I am at the end of the rope !!!