I've been given what has turned out to be a pretty interesting project....

External USB device - Western Digital My Book 1tb made up of 2 500gb SATA

The problem on the original server this device was plugged into is that
after a few minutes of use the device would fail.. the user said the blue
light that would usually blink on the front of the drive would become solid,
and no access to the device whether trying to access it from a workstation,
or via /media/nss/

So I have the device with me now, and am wondering if there is a way to take
the hard drives out plug them directly into the SATA interface on the
motherboard of the test machine I have with SLES 10/OES2 installed on it,
and activate the pool, volume, and recover the data.

Currently when plugging the drives directly into the motherboard they are
detected in Yast as /dev/sdb 500gb (400 something in actuality), /dev/sdc
500gb, and /dev/sdc1 1tb (900 something gb)

/dev/sdc1 type is listed as "Linux Native" in Yast

When viewing the device list in nssmu sdb, and sdc are listed as as both
being there separately in their 500gb form, but there is no sdc1 making up
the drives put together.

Any clues to point me in the right direction would be helpful.