Hello all,

running BM 3.7 SP 2 at NW 6.0 SP2
This server is a slave of a meshed VPN Network.

All user can establish a VPN connection to the Server. But, some can not
communicate to the VPN Server or servers on the private side!
So, most of the user have no problems.
Only 2 or 3 can not ping any device. At the VPN Statistic we can see that
traffic come in to VPN but no traffic go out.
Checked if ever network is unique -> they are
Checked routes -> all OK

What is the different to others:
1st user had changed the cable provider. The user sit behind a natted router
(as before).
The 2nd user sit behind a firewall (I donīt know which one)
The 3rd user sit behind a cisco PIX.

Everyone can establish the VPN tunnel and the tunnel stay alive.
We hadnīt changed the VPN config since months.

Any ideas why only some user can not communicate?