Hi together,

I use the BM 3.8 with SP1a and VPN- C2S.
My VPN-Server is my Firewall too and has 2 NIC with NAT.

I configured a VPN subnet wich is different from LAN and VPN-Master-IP.

I use NMAS as authentication.

The problem I have is described as follows:
I can ping the privat IP-Address of my VPN-Server,
but nothing more ! a portscan gets no replies.
every other connection to my LAN-Network works fine.

If I Use the VPN-Client with NW-Client and try to login with scripts,

It takes a few minutes until the login-result screen appears.

The first Line is : "unknown Server xx.xx.xx.xx "

I can avoid this by inserting a Servername in the VPN-Login-Dialog, but I don't know if this is the only solution.

Furthermore, if I try to connect to my LAN via VPN and type
slpinfo /all, then :
the 1'st Time the DA shows as UP
the 2'nd Time the DA shows as down and I'm unable to browse my eDirectory.

Thank you for any hints.