I have a NW6.5/SP8 server that syncs to anther one for DR purposes (using a 3rd party utility called TaskMaster). I started noticing errors in the sync logs. When I investigated, I found out that I can't copy files to subdirectories on the destination server. When I do, I get an error saying that the disk is full but it is nowhere near full. I can copy to the root of the volume, though. I can also delete files in any directory without a problem. I thought that there might be a size restriction on one of the directories but I do not see one set. This behavior is the same when dragging files and also using a Novell copy and ToolBox. I changed FILE SERVICE MEMORY OPTIMIZATION from 1 to 2 and rebooted the destination server. That seemed to fix the problem right after the server rebooted but I came in the next morning and the problem was back. Today, I maxed out the setting for FILE CACHE MAXIMUM SIZE and rebooted the server again. The problem seems fixed again but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will come in tomorrow and the problem will be back. Has anybody seen this problem before?