My iManager is still giving me problems with java exceptions. I think that
have tracked this back to either NW6SP4 or BM3.8SP1a or TCP608V because
before these patches (all on the same day) the system was working
(including VPN setup via iManager (W2K)) and since then I think that it
has probably not worked. There has been a time delay unfortunately so it
is difficult to be certain. NW6SP4 caused significant other problems with
the login process which were more urgent.

The only clue to what is happening at the moment is that I get a variety
of java exceptions from creating VPN server, Master VPN Server in iManager
and when I run DSREPAIR on the BM3.8 server I get no errors but in the
logger screen I get under DXEVENT
javax.naming.NamingException [Root exception is
com.novell.service.jncp.NDSException : ccode -663 (0xfffffrd69)] remaining
name 'DELL2650BM.lee.ssl2'

repeated several times.

DELL2650BM is the BM3.8SP1a VPN server which is corrupt.

Does any of this make sense to anybody please?