I like webos personally, and I own a Pre Plus, but seriously.. You're
way late to the game and even well established Android isn't yet
"trouncing" the iPad. As much as I like WebOS, buying a pre 3 would be
a hard sell for me simply because of the market penetration of Android.
That and promising WebOS 2.0 upgrades to me and then saying oh yeah,
about that... sorry..

He better hope he's talking about the iPad 2 and not the original.
Playing catch up to the last generation is what too many companies do
and subsequently fail at.

I'll give him credit, that's tough talk from a company that's been
pretty darned silent about WebOS since it got it and that ran probably
the worst webinar on the topic that I've ever attended last week.

Yes lets leave a static slide up while the speaker talks about "Now I
can tap and hold like this, and then drag it over to the card to stack
it. Now I can do this with my finger or that with my finger and it does

Lets say you've only used Dos. I invite you to a Webinar about Windows
7. I put a static slide up of a windows desktop and then proceed to
narate to you everything I can do with windows 7 for an hour without
showing any of it to you.

Yes, it was that bad.