Hi everyone,

On each client machine, there is the "Server DNS address" that point the clients to their respective zenserver. And I've seen that's the server where the package agent was build.

Based on the PDF doc about the Adaptative Agent, the "Server DNS is the DNS name of the ZENworks Server that your device’s Adaptive Agent communicates with to send and receive ZENworks content and information."

My question is: what is the impact if I have 2000 or 8000 machines that points all to the same zen server DNS? Do I need to separate the load by installing a agent package for a certain amount of machines?

Also, if one of my zen servers have to be deleted, what happens to all of the workstations that was pointing to this server? Do they will always ask to this server first and after, the next available zen servers? What about the traffic load of such send/receive operations?

thank you !