I have a number of laptops that have Windows 2000 sp4 w/ all security
patches. These laptops have Novell Client 3.83 sp1 installed. We are using
VPN and had 3.7 client installed and worked without issue. We upgraded
Bordermanger to 3.8 so we upgraded the VPN client to 3.8.2. Since that
upgrade we have noticed these laptops getting a lot of blue screens
getting a "Winlogon.exe - Application Error", once you click OK to
terminate you get a blue screen STOP error: c000021a (Fatal System Error).

We can reproduce it by logging into the network, locking the workstation,
then trying to log back into the locked workstation.

Once I uninstall the VPN client, the blue screens are gone, I can lock the
workstation and log back in without any problems. I have
uninstalled/reinstalled the client but get the same problem. I have also
installed the latest VPN client 3.8.3.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.