Any suggestions, what might be causing this issue??

This BM was running smoothly and performant after beeing virtualized for several days. I'ts doing Proxy services for web content "in the WWW", for intranet content, it's acting as a router: proxy.pac points out the proxy only for non-corporate IP addresses, all other HTTP traffic is *routed* by the BM to another router, that connects the LAN to the europe wide corporate network.

This traffic suddenly stopped to be routed, 2nd. time today afternoon, maybe after some ftp filter exceptions were modified, saved, shortly after that modified back to the state as it was before. Also proxied pages were extremly slowly. pktscan.nlm showed, that in deed no routing was done by the BM3.8

inetcfg, protocols, TCP/IP: IP Packet Forwarding = Enabled("Router")
What I did now, was to change this to "Disabled("End Node"), save changes, reinitialize system, change back to "router", save, reinitialize system once more, and, voila, the $"&$" box immediatly started to route again, and again very performant.


BM3.8.5 (not 3.9, it's 3.8) on NW6.5.8. The server was virtualized several days ago, on ESXi 4.1, vmwtools Version 1.01 September 23, 2010, 3.5 Gig RAM, TFS only (SYS + CACHE). 1CPU

The virtualization was done with Portlock Storage Manager After that went smoothly the TXT files in SYS:ETC were manually (search-replace) adapted to meet the new NIC driver names and slots. IF names were "PRIVATE" and "PUBILC". Filters remained untouched.