I've made and deployed an Install File(s) bundle that:

1 Install File(s) (%TEMP%\myfile.exe, hidden, copy always)
2 Launch Executable (%TEMP%\myfile.exe)
3 File Removal (%TEMP%\myfile.exe)

File exists: ...\unique.file = yes

Assigned to devices
Schedule: Reoccurring Mo @ 8am, Process immediately if device unable to execute on schedule.

It does exactly what it's supposed with no windows errors, but it returns the following error in Zenworks:

There is no user session available or user session cannot be determined.

Full Message:GenericActions.UserSessionUnavailable{}
Additional Information:None
Severity:Error Date:May 25, 2011 12:11:16 PM Acknowledged Date:None Source:/Devices/Workstations/NOC Lab/noc-lab-24 Message ID:GenericActions.UserSessionUnavailable Probable Cause URL:None Log ID:3e48275837ace894280c31fd95210c34 Related Objects:/Bundles/Programs and Applications/Lan School 7.5 Lite/NOC/Set Channel NOC LAB

It reports multiple errors per computer, even though it only runs once and successfully the first attempt.

Is this because the devices missed the scheduled time? Should I simply ignore it?