In ZfD, usually an app would install something from a share so when the user clicked on the App Object on the desktop, they would immediately see the install dialog as the installation program was run from the share.

In ZCM you have the content repository where the install file(s) are stored. If it is an executable, not an MSI file, you can't run it from there, correct? So I set up an 'Install Files' action that pushes the file down to a subdir of temp, then a 'Launch executable' action that runs the installer from temp.

The problem is that if the application is big, like the Symantec Endpoint Protection package, it can take 45 seconds to a couple minutes for the file to get copied down to the WS before the launch process starts and the user sees the installation progress bar.

So, how can I let the user know that something is happening during this time and to not touch the WS? I can put up a prompt but that is up for a specified number of seconds; not for the time it takes to push down the installation file before I run the installer. Therefore the prompt may time out before or after the install files have been downloaded.

Am I going about this the wrong way?