Having massive problems with a new VPN config. Here the config for all BM
servers first:

NW65 + SP1a
BM38 + SP1a


Tunnel = 192.168.111.x/24. All subnets/addresses are unique.

BorderManagerI is configured as master. Protected networks are properly
configured. This problem still exists if the two BorderManager servers are
connected with a crossover(no INET,Cisco..) cable, new subnet and no VPN!

My problem is:

Server 10.3.0.x can ping all hosts in 10.39.0.x/24. To tell the truth, all
hosts can ping the hosts in 10.39.0.x and anywhere in between.

PC can ping any host in 10.3.0.x/24 and anywhere in between.

Server BMII can ping 10.39.0.* and all others up to and including

and now..

BMII cannot ping anything in 10.3.0.x behind can ping
BMII through BMI. BMII cannot ping BMI.

10.x.x.x is configured as private and 172.28.x.x as public on the machines.

Can someone tell me what I'm missing here?