we plan to use zen configuration management for our computer labs. We have tried with version 10 and has now upgradet to version 11. But unfortunatly I have forgotten a lot of the whole packaging process.

We want (in a first step) to use zen cfg man for deploying standardsoftware, like flash and java, to those windows 7 clients in our labs and later to our workstations.

I have build a package for java using the "install msi" action and, as a second step, applying some registry-keys.
But what I doesn't get is how I should assign those package to our clients. The clients should install the package automaticly after start. So I have used those option in the launch-list.

But it doesn't work and I don't know why. He says in the bundle details that one client (the one testclient) is assigned for installation but he doesn't do it.

Are there some good tutorials, examples or such or can someone please help me getting back into good bundeling?