Hello. NW5.5SP6/BM3.6SP2 with site-to-site & client-to-site VPN - IPX
& IP

Win98 clients offsite can login to the VPN just fine and login to the
seperate file server via IPX. Not so with IP

W2000 clients can login to the VPN but not the file server using IP

In INETCFG should IP PAcket forwrding be enabled on the file server?

In the LAN Static routing table on the file server whenever I try to
enable LAN Static Routing (it shows as disabled) I get an erro

"An error occured while updating an IP/IPX gateway configuration file
(SYS:\ETC\RESOLV.CFG) Configuration changes not saved."

I manually edited RESOLV.CFG adding the internal IP address of our
BorderManager server and it does not seem to show up in the LAN Static
routing table.

Any ideas? Thanks.