After upgrading to OES2 SP3, I've been having this delightful problem with my users randomly losing trustee rights to their home directories. It seems to happen in two cases, one is if they move a file from a subdirectory to the root of their home directory (that results in an immediate dismount and loss of trustees), the other case is whenever the server feels like it.

I see no obvious errors, no segfaults, nothing like that. The only thing I have seen that indicates something unusual going on is a constant stream of errors in ncpserv.log reading EventQueueProcessorThread: IPCServRequest failed rc=1 - and also trying to resync the trustees through ncpcon doesn't work. It says it works but if you do a verify, then a resync, then a verify, nothing has changed.

Server is fully patched and otherwise completely stable.

I'm going to be opening an incident shortly, but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd appreciate it.