I've seen in this forum where it appears that some people login to their remote network using just the VPN client. Others appear to be using both the VPN client (to first establish the connection) then the Novell Client-32 to do the login.

I have a bare-bones Win98-se PC on which I am testing VPN connectivity.

I have ONLY the VPN (v3.8.2) client installed. The "Enable Login" box is greyed out on the VPN tab. So all I can do is connect.

Q1. Should I be able to login to the remote network by just using the VPN client and not have the Novell Client-32 installed on the PC? I ask because I would rather not have the users go thru installing the Novell Client-32 on their home PCs.

In several postings I have seen the acronym "DA" used.
Q2. I must be having a bad mental block because I cannot for the
life of me figure out what the DA stands for.
Any clues (besides the Dumb ^ss I already know I am - TeeHee)?


This forum is priceless. I owe a lot of thanks to all those who have posted advise here. Considering how much more complicated VPN3.8 is and how buggy the (iMangler) admin tool is, you folks have literally saved me hours of grief. I was just about ready to ditch BM altogether and buy a SonicWall firewall/router.

....and thanks for the assist on my above Qs.