here part 2 of our discussion from the weekend with another subject.

Configured the VPN according to your writings. The VPN starts and data may
be passed(ping...) except from the slave. It seams that the packets are
being sent from the external(public) address through the tunnel and not from
the internal interface.

IP config:


A host( behind can ping and a host behind
it( can ping 10.3.0.*. BM-I can ping
but BM-II cannot ping anything in the 10.3.0.x subnet. I've also tried
NWPING -S 10.3.0.x without luck.

Here more infos:

--Tunnel addresses are and This is not used
--IPFLT is not loaded on BM-I or II.
--BM-II has only 2 routes. Default = and >>
--BM-I also has only 2 routes. Default = and >>
--2x NW65SP1a
--2x BM38SP1a
--TCPIP stack update
--Default IP-Address is set on BM-II to

Long story made short. I seams that the default IP setting doesn't take as
it sends from the interface.

Any ideas?