Please forgive me as I am brand new to Endpoint Security. After upgrading to ZCM 11 I'm excited to have this feature and am primarily interested in creating a wired laptop policy. In looking at some of the other postings I see references to a "Disable Wi-Fi When Wired" feature but I'm not seeing anything similar to this as I'm going through the WiFi Policy.

What I'm ultimately looking to do is create a policy so that if the laptop is in a wired (or docked) state that the WiFi is disabled, but if the LAN cable is unplugged or laptop is undocked WiFi will become available. Something else that I noticed in a few posts were that it looked like other people had to restart their systems after changing the wired status, is this usually the case? It would seem a bit counterproductive. I often have situations where someone will have a docked laptop and they would remove it to take to a meeting room where we have WiFi with internet only available. Thanks for any direction you can provide!