In article <XRGlc.252$>, Rainer Brunold
> The resolv.cfg file from the remote vpn server points it's nameserver to

> private ip address.

# It is a mystery to me. Unless... If the nameserver is forwarding from one
# NAMED to another, the replies could be coming back to the VPTUNNEL
# because the requests are coming from a VPTUNNEL address.

Hello Craug,

we are running at the moment 12 such vpn remote offices with this problem.
I think it is a product defect from the dns server. Do you think there will
a solution for it ? The named in netware 6.5 in conjunction with the nbm38
is working well. But the offices are at 6.0. And there will be another about
50 vpn offices this year.

Should I open a incident for it to get a solution ?