Hello !

We have a problem with one vpn remote office that bm37 server (vpn slave)
always reports the "
(AH) Authentication failed for the packet sent by sv" in the vpslave trace

The tunnel is up and running and the connection is fine and there seems
nowhere to be a problem.
But we still get this messages in the debug screen.

Because this is the only remote office server where we had to change the
public ip address I thought it would be a configuration mistake during the
vpn reconfiguration.
So I did the complete step a second time and configured it again (first
vpncfg - remove vpn server configuration, deleted vpn slave at the master,
than set ip addresses, created certificate ... ). But I still get these
authentication messages at the slave vpn server. The master doesn't show any
messages like this.

What can I do else with this problem ?

I couldn't find anything in the knowledgebase like this.
I even checked the vpn master, restarted it, ... no success.