I am running Quickfinder 5.0 on a sles 10 SP3 / OES2 box. It seems as if
when I restart the server, the scheduled index rebuilds don't restart.
If I go into QF Administration and make a change to a schedule and apply
the changes, then scheduled indexing works fine again from that point,
until there is another server restart.

I would have thought this was done via a cron job - the
/var/lib/qfsearch/Cron.job seems to hold the schedule job details.

But who does this run as? It isn't part of root's crontab. (I have, if
it is relevant, some other cron jobs running as root, so crontab -e
shows these jobs.)

It's a bit of a pain as if the server get restarted we mightn't notice
that the indexes aren't re-generating for some time.