Here's another one for yuz guyz.

My VPN client is v3.8.2:

[1] On the "eDirectory" tab, the "NetWare Server" field is greyed out. I am running VPN configuration-troubleshooting tasks on two different client BM servers and need to change that field to the correct VPN server I am testing.

Q1: How to I get this field to be active instead of greyed out?

[2] (a) The white (left-side) area of the VPN client's banner area (at top) is scrunched up so that you cannot read the words, but on the red (right-side) of the VPN banner the word Novell displays properly. (b) Additionally, after the VPN client connects, the statistics tab appears to be truncated on the right-side of the display. I've set my screen reso to both 1024X768 and 800X600, but no help. And (c) on the "eDirectory" tab, the dialog's box for the input area overlays most of the action buttons. This is a Win2000Sp4 PC. I've also seen the same problem on a Win98se PC.

Q2: Is anybody else experiencing these display problems?

Thanks for the assist.