What i often see the last time, is that physical or virtual machine have policies assigned and applied but the list "Policies" in the agent properties is empty!.

Als a zac pl gives me:

Processing Command: pl
Nor Policies Assigned.

While i need to see:

C:\>zac pl

Processing Command: pl

Policy Name Version Assigned
Group Policy - Devicebased - Addon Admins 8 Device
Zenworks Explorer Policy 5 Device
Remote Management Policy 6 Device
Power Management Policy 1 Device
DLU Policy 12 Device
Location Assignment Policy 3 Device
Security Settings Policy 2 Device
Group Policy - Devicebased - Global 15 Device
ETKPRT01 1 User
KLRPRT04 4 User
ZWPRT01 4 User
ZWPRT04 5 User
Group Policy - Userbased - Without Restrictio..2 User
Total Policies Assigned: 13

Is this a know bug??

Server = ZCM 11 / SLES 11
Client= Windows XP SP3