Hi all, while working with the spell checker file I've seen serious problems while adding new items (words or phrases).
When I click "add" it seems to do the job but when I look in den word list, then the new entry is missing!
Even if I delete one or more entries, close the Spell Checker window and re-open it - the entries that I wish to delete are always there!!
If I look into the UWL file using a file-viewing tool and search for the problematic words I can see them, but can't access them from within GW.

This is running on Windows2000 with the GroupWise7 client installed and GroupWise8 running on a OES2 server.
File size of the WT61DE.UWL file is now 98,9 kB
Maybe that UWL files can store only a hard-codes amount of data or words / phrases?

Can anyone help me with this annoying problem