Hi All,

I posted this in the GW8 Agents forums about a week ago, but to day no replies.

Here's my problem:

Over the last few weeks we upgraded and migrated our older Gw7Sp3 (NW65Sp8) server to GW8Sp2Hp2 on Sles10. We did have a number of teething issues, but they were resolved with a couple of configuration changes and applying Sp2 Hp2.

Now we have found a problem with incoming email. Outgoing email is not effected and we have tracked the problem to the MTA's outgoing queue which if the internet agents input queue (domain\wpgate\gwia\wpcsout\gwXXXX\0-7). The contents of the folder starts to build up as each outgoing item is processed. The MTA\Gwia is not flushing the queues, once the outgoing email is processed and sent. The email record in the queues are being left behind with a filesize of 0kb.

It is these 0kb files that is causing the problem. When the number of files builds up, delivery of email starts to slow. Either the MTA\Gwia sees the contents of the outgoing queue and is prioritising them ahead of the incoming email. The flow on affect is that the incoming email is held in the Gwia's Receive folder and only one received item is processed and relayed to the MTA at a time.

When I delete all the 0kb files in the MTA's outgoing queues, the held incoming email is cleared quite quickly.

Can anyone suggest where I should start to look at resolving this.