We're trying to implement an Alfresco DMS and we're having some issues to
get our workstations to access the cifs share and use the web single sign on
(with ntlm).
We have a Zenworks 10 envirioment where the local user/pass is the same as
the eDir user/pass with DLU. We have client 4.91sp5 with IR1 and all the
patches up to a month ago.

When I try to access the cifs share with the Novell client installed I can
type \\server and it will show me the shares after a few seconds, but when I
try to access any share it will just sit there for about a minute and then
pop up a login screen. The debug logs from the server tells us that it
actually DOES log in successfully but then it stops.
When I remove the Novell client (and am left with the user created by Zen
that has the same password as the eDir user) it just works.

So something is up when the Novell client gets installed, but I've run out
of options on what to try.

Does anyone have any ideas what needs changing to get this to work ?