Hi all.

We've been trying the "Use eDirectory authentication instead of password" feature in our new Groupwise 8.0.2 HP2 environment to avoid users entering their password if logged in with Novell Client. We have realized this doesn't work fine because even if logged out from Novell Client, the Groupwise client won't ask for a password after closing and reopening the client.

We have disabled this feature in ConsoleOne for all users, but some of them still present the same behaviour: if closing the windows client and another users reopens it, Groupwise will show the mailbox of the first user authenticated. I have checked that the Tools | Options | Security | Password dialog shows "Use eDirectory authentication instead of password" unselected. Rebooting, closing session and reentering o reinstalling the client doesn't solve the problem. I know about the /@u=? switch, but it doesn't solve the problem if the user opens Groupwise directly from the local installed directory.

Astonishly, the same user on a different station doesn't show that problem. But we have several users complaining about it.

All of our P.O.s are configured to authenticate to LDAP servers (no local groupwise accounts).

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.