Anybody seen this rather specific problem? Updated one node of an OES2SP3
cluster using update channel. Afterwards Adobe Acrobat has fails to write
PDF files from MS Office documents on NSS volumes mounted on this node:

%%%%[ Error generating pdf file. Please retry with these features turned
off: optimize CompressObjects ]%%%%
Error 32 relocating files.
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another

This is from XP using the Novell Client, recent patch level. To me this
looks like it may be a locking issue. The Oplock support level is set to 0
both ends and Cross Protocol Locks are on.

One thing I notice is that the April release has added a few new NCP
settings, some of which are not in the release documentation. I am
wondering if they have any effect: The one that I am particularly
wondering what it does is LOCK_RANGE_MASK=1.