maybe you have an idea to share.

I have the following situation:

NSBS 6.5 with BM 3.8 is installed, single server in the tree.

The server is behind a Cisco 803 ISDN router (simple IP software, newest
version), which does the NAT.
The Cisco router gets fixed IP address of A.B.C.D on the ISDN side.

The BM server has on the router side, the router has /24
The BM server has on the LAN side.

VPN server is created, address set to A.B.C.D, tunnel address is
VPN C2S service is created, distributable address space is,
authentication is NMAS and Certificate login (
NMAS is set to NDS and password), traffic is to enable all hosts.

If I launch the client to authenticate NMAS it does not let me in, saying
"Failed receiving server DH public value." An unknown error was reported by
the gateway. With Remote Manager I see the following error message: "Failed
to process NMAS end request. Insufficient access rights." Before it: NMAS
authentication successful.

Strange is that I can get in Backward compatibility mode, but in this case I
cannot reach the server on any address.