BM = 3.8 SP1
VPN Client = 3.8.2
Client32 = 4.90SP1a
PC OS = Win2K SP4

After about 5 minutes, I can no longer access the mapped drives to any of the servers behind BM and including the BM server. The VPN Client icon remains active in the system tray.

Client32 Connections screen shows the 3 srvrs. But when I click on the mapped drive in Windows Explorer, I get the folowing msg:
G:\ is not found
The network path is not available.

When I click Refresh on the Client32 Connections screen the servers disappear. A minute later they show up without me pressing Refresh. So I click on a drive letter and am again presented with the above nessage. Click on Refresh and the connections disappear, A minute later, tthe servers are back again, but I cannot access them.

The VPN Client screen shows the connection time incrementing, The Time To Disconnect keeps getting reset to 15 minutes without me having any interaction.

Any ideas what I need to tweak?

Thanks for the assist.