BM = 3.8 SP1
VPN Client = 3.8.2
Client32 = 4.90SP1a
PC OS = Win2K SP4
PC is on a private LAN that has no servers. (I'm simulating a user's home environment)
Basic DHCP router connection to DSL-Internet

After I Disconnect the VPN Client and Disconnect the servers in the Client32 Connections screen, I have problems when I try to make a subsequent VPN connection.

When I launch the VPN Client screen again, all of the fields are greyed out. So I Logoff windows and log back in. The VPN Client's fields are still all greyed out and there is no VPN Connection icon in the Sys Tray.

So I tried to login via Client32 and was successful, plus I get all of the desired drive mappings. However, when I click on a drive letter (G: for example), I get the msg:
G:\ is not found.

I have to reboot the PC in order to login & establish a usable connection. (Then I have the other posted problem where the connection doesn't last for 5 minutes.)

Is this "normal" behavior in that the Home-VPN-corporate-executive has to reboot his PC in order to re-establish another VPN connection? Is there a proper way to logout of VPN so that he can later log back in during the same Windows session?

....or is there a tweak that I missed in somewhere in Novell's comprehensivedocumentation?

Thanks for the assist and for hanging in there with me on all of this (as I slowly become suicidal again!).