One NW 6 server with groupwise, 25 users max; dropping in a new oes-linux server. I plan on building a brand new tree, and a fresh install of groupwise, using a trick TID to have the users in the new groupwise system have the same FID as the users in the old system.
One issue is that the new server will need to have the same ip address of the old server which will be going away. But obviously I cannot setup the new server with that address b/c our groupwise will stop working while I am moving everything over. So my thought is to set it up the new server with a different ip address and then change it later using the script which is talked about in the documentation. IS THIS the best way to do this, or is there a simpler alternative?

Our old server has NSS volumes, but I've read a lot about NSS corruption, and that ext3 has speed advantages. It also looks like I can set up ext 3 partitions as NCP volumes and still assign rights as I did before with NSS. Looks like all I give up in this scenario is "salvage". Am I right?