Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows Vista/Server 2008/7 (IR7) is now
available for download from

New fixes included in the Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR7):
1. Potential APC_INDEX_MISMATCH bugcheck when "File Caching = Off". (Bug
688283 )
2. Microsoft Office files randomly declared corrupt when edited from
second workstation. (Further change to previous build 20110430 fix, to
address an additional Visual FoxPro scenario.) (Bug 679220)
3. Display installed client version and estimated size in Add/Remove
Programs control panel applet. See TID 7007916. (Bug 672509)
4. ArchiCAD 14 unable to save files to Novell mapped drives. See TID
7007774. (Bug 686012)
5. Race condition in NCIOM can blue screen on first access of network
path. (Bug 684336)
6. Unable to purge files in subdirectories using the "Purge
Subdirectories" option. (Bug 683220)
7. WACLIENT.SYS causes only Novell Client NCP communication to fail. See
TID 7008141. (Bug 679481)
8. Potential blue screen in VLS.SYS when kernel memory paged out. (Bug
9. Windows Explorer hangs when creating a file path that exceeds
MAX_PATH. (Bug 678113)
10. Error "Could not save the file" when saving Adobe Fireworks files to
a Novell mapped drive. See TID 7007774. (Bug 668071)
11. Unable to save files in GroupWise 8 to a Novell mapped drive. See
TID 7007774. (Bug 649337)
12. New terminal server login causes existing logged on user to lose
eDirectory connections. See TID 7007972. (Bug 648447)
13. Microsoft Office file save randomly fails with unexpected
STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION. See TID 7007774. (Bug 647796)
14. Long delays when sorting the Salvage or Purge dialog file list. (Bug
15. NCP connections are not cleared during Windows shutdown or restart.
(Bug 401246 )

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