I have a very basic linux/routing question to ask. I have a server with a 10.237.x.x address. Because of some legacy settings in the environment, a web service on the server needs to be accessable with a 10.30.x.x also. So i've set up the new NIC cards appropriately as far as I know, they are in the correct VLAN's. The default gateway i set up on the 10.237 network. My desktop PC happens to be on the 10.30 network but most aren't. So what I experience is that anyone on a network other than 10.30 can only reach the 10.237 address. My desktop which is on the 10.30 can only reach the 10.30 address. I went into the network settings and checked off the "enable IP forwarding box" but it didn't have any effect. Firewall is disabled. From my limited understanding, I thought that by clicking off the IP forwarding box this would fix the issue, that any traffic coming in to the 10.30 address would be able to route out the default gateway. Let me know what you guys think. Sorry if I've missed something basic.