As a VPN Newbie, I would appreciate some advice on IP Address allocation.

I have just moved to ADSL and am keen to set up VPN access if possible.

ADSL Router is Draytek Vigor 2600.

Server is NSBS 6 SP 4 with BM3.7 SP3. BorderManager providing HTTP Proxy
and Packet filtering.

Until now Server and router were on a separate private network segment
(192.168.PPP.QQQ: the router providing NAT.

My ISP has allocated 8 IP addresses, AAA.BBB.CCC.200 - AAA.BBB.CCC.207,
subnet Of these the information provided indicates
AAA.BBB.CCC.206 as the router address - and dynamically allocates this
each time if the router is set to dynamic IP. It also lists the
AAA.BBB.CCC.207 as the "broadcast address" and AAA.BBB.CCC.200 as the
"network address" - without being altogether clear about what they mean by
these labels.

Question - how do I allocate the IP Addresses to the Router LAN\WAN and
server public interfaces to (a) make VPN with BM3.7 (as opposed to BM3.8)
possible and (b) secure? (The surplus addresses will be used later to
allow access to internal hosts.)

Thanks in advance.

Colin Quine
Systems Manager