I'm running into a strange issue logging in from OS X machines to Netware SP8 with Universal Password enabled. Say I have a user called "test" with the password "Sample10". When connecting to a Novell share (thru Go -> Connect to server), I can log in with the password "Sample10", "Sample11", "Sample01", "Sample1B", etc. Basically I can replace numbers that exists in the password with any number or character and logging in still works. Replacing characters or symbols will not work, so "SamplE01", "sample01" would not work. When logging in from a Windows computer, "Sample10" is the only accepted password. Very very strange.
I've tried some basic troubleshooting with the NMAS login sequences. To narrow the problem down a bit I only have these NMAS login sequences authorized: "Macintosh Native File Access" and "NDS".