I'm starting to watch this on Hulu to catch up. I reallly liked the idea of the
blind auditions. But I'm on the third episode where they are starting the

Am I the only one who wonders what the contestants think about when they are
purposefully pitted against each other by their coaches? I mean, for every
pairing, where the coaches sound like they are trying to have an awesome "duet",
it's a known that one of these two is out of the competition. You have to
wonder what the pairing criteria is for the judges. Two people who are really
well matched, so the judge is going to "cut" someone s/he thinks is really good?
One person who the judge thinks is really weaker and is willing to throw that
person under the bus? Two people with similar styles, and the coach only wants
one of that style? I mean really, by just making the choice to have these two
people sing together, the coach is acknowledging that s/he is willing to drop
one of these people. I'd be second guessing this all the way through if I were
one of the contestants.

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