We have 4 site-to-site VPN tunnels connecting to our master. We were
having a problem with IP only connections to the master from clients
to site connections but got that resolved after fixing a few routing
issues - thanks CAT for the suggestions.

Now however there is an intermittent problem that has me stymied.

At all our remote site-to-site locations we have Groupwise client
software set up on the workstations. They access our GW server only in
the client-server mode with TCP/IP by way of a generic tcp proxy. I In
other words our remote clients are set to connect to (the
remote site proxy server) for GW which in turn is proxied to our GW
server at: mail.ourserver.com

What happens is that they get a tcpip can't connect error from the GW
client and can't connect however if they try two or three more times
it works fine, usually for the rest of the day.

I also tried setting the proxy to the ip address of the mail server
and the same thing happens.

This did not happen before I got the routing issues resolved. Any
ideas anyone? Latest tcpip on all netware 5.1sp6 servers. All have
BM3.6 sp2. (Will be upgrading to NW6.5 and BM3.8 within the next few
weeks but want to resolve all issues first.)