I am trying to query eDirectory against a NetWare 6.5 based Tree.

I cannot get a licensed authentication to eDirectory using Novell Client 2 (IR6) on Server 2008. I can authenticate to the Tree in only two ways:

1) Manually login with the Novell client, and then run my code using NWDSLogin
2) Use WNetAddConnection2 to authenticate to the tree, and then NWIsDSAuthenticated will return true.

And this is using code found at:

Sample Code for var/ndk/webBuildengine/tmp/viewable_samples/12a313a9-ae96-4e11-9ee1-936eb5e28587/ndssearc/NDSSEARC.C

If you modify the code to include attributes to be returned with the query, using NWDSPutAttrName and something simple like A_COMMON_NAME (for the CN), it will NEVER return any attributes with the authentication done in 2) above.

I need to be able to both authenticate and successfully query attributes completely programmatically. The end goal of this is to do this in a Windows service, but I cannot get it to work in a simple code snippet let alone a Service.

This all works fine in XP/Server 2003. I suspect this is related to other NCP related issues I have seen posted on this forum, unique to this client on Vista/Server 2008/Windows 7, but I am in critical need of a solution.

Has anyone been able make anything work? The solution provided in IR6, documented at:

Configure a Windows (Vista/7/2008/R2) service for authentication to eDirectory

did not provide any solution for me.