Apparently our tankless hot water heater (that we've had for 4 years) was
installed improperly, and now needs to be relocated. It's been turning itself
off randomly, and throwing an error about the ventilation system. It's really a
bummer when you're in the shower and suddenly have no hot water. Especially
since with a tankless water heater, we've really not experience that for over 4

At the same time they do the relocation, they will also install these bypass
valves that make the preventative maintenance (i.e. descaling easier) and do a
descaling. Then it's been recommended, that since the heater will be 40 feet
further away and it will take longer for the hot water to make it to the
faucets, we should install a recirculation system that is triggered on human
body temp. So, when we walk into the bathroom for example, the sensor will tell
that someone is there, check to see what the water temp is in the pipes, and
turn on a local heater for the water that's in the pipes if necessary, to speed
up the process. Or something like that! There were so many options presented
to me that I'm fuzzy now on the details - heehee.

Joys of home ownership!

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