Finally got VPN up & crawling. That in itself was a major accomplishment and aged me 150 years. Nothing like being older and wiser :) ===> (except being younger and wiser).

I have read the few postings in this forum on performance and have made changes to the VPN server per TID #10018669 (BorderManager Proxy & Cache Performance Tuning).

If my VPN performance were to be any slower it would be at a dead stop.

I'm desperate for help so I can conclude this VPN project.

|------------[BEGIN ENVIRONMENT DEFINITION]----------|
[1] Via VPN, download a 3.5MB file using drag-Drop from file mangler to PC DeskTop
[2] Test download times (in MM:SS) before performance tuning:
5:15 & 5:20
[3] Test download times (in MM:SS) after performance tuning & server reboot:
4:40, 4:35 & 4:40 ( Approx 12% increase)
[4] 3.5MB downloaded in 4 minutes translates into 12.9Kps. Should be closer to 128Kps.
[5] File server CPU utilization during download = 2% max.

[1] Both I and my client are with the same (local) ISP
[2] Both of our DSL lines are on the same circuit
[3] Tech Supt watched as I downloaded a file. No packet loss on the circuit
[4] Both I & client have same DSL speed (theoretical) = 756Kps-Download, 128-Kps-Upload

[1] BM 3.8 SP1 on a dedicated server (new BM install. Not an upgrade)
[2] NOS = NW v6.0SP3 (installed from overlay CD)
[3] TCP = from downloaded file TCP608vRev2.EXE (downloaded 4/16/04)
[4] CPU = Intel Pent4 2GHz
[5] RAM = 1GB
[6] Filters are unloaded
[7] DSL speed (theoretical) = 756Kps-Download, 126-Kps-Upload
[8] HDD = SCSI, LVD320, Cache = NetWare traditional vols
[9] File server CPU utilization during download = 2% max.

[1] CPU = Pent3 1GHz
[2] RAM = 512MB
[3] Win 2000 SP4
[4] Novell Client32 = v4.83 SP2
[5] VPN client = v3.8.3
[6] PC is connected to a dedicated Router (old NetGear model RT314, circa 2000-2001)
which is connected directly to the DSL dedicated hub.
No other devices connected to PC's router
[7] PC has almost no software installed, to create a clean test PC.
[8] PC has no virus and no SpyWare
[9] Speed Test run from DSLREPORTS.COM & PCPITSTOP.COM show D/L speed close to 128KPs
|------------[END ENVIRONMENT DEFINITION]----------|

I am logging in using Novell Client32. The poor performance issue doesn't change if I use the BM server's private IP or the other server's LAN private IP to login with Client32.

I hope I've covered all the specs you will need to lend an assist.

All experiences & feedback are encouraged.

Thank you for helping.