This issue has been discussed for some time ago and is still not solved .
Now i got new information/questions so here we go again:
The system: Border Manager 3.8 sp1, TCP654frev2, Netware 6.5 spack 6.5.1,
System only used for Client to server, all in all 150 VPN users, about 5 to
10 users logged in con
The problem: Some users loose ther connection. It seems as if
2 (or more) users have the same private address. ( for instance)
User #1 logs on and everything is fine until User #2 then User #1 is thrown
off. In the VPN log :
Removed deprecated user <user>
and the explanation: Remove the indicated orphaned connection./nNone
required. The connection be removed was probably caused by a client that did
not terminate the connection gracefully

Do you know of any doc. or solution?

Thanks in advance,