Hoping I can get some help here. I upgraded overnight from 115 to 290 and now 428 hoping my issues would be solved, but they haven't been.

Issue 1
For one user not all of their GW data is being picked up. The user was syncing fine, then one day contacts went missing, so did the usual delete and re-add from the Mobility connector, still no contacts so deleted the user from the GW connector and re-added. Now only a couple of calendar entries, but nothing else not even folder structure is in the Monitor section of the Mobility connector. I've tried deleting from the Mobility connector and then re-adding, deleting from both Mobility & GW connectors, restarting connectors and then re-adding, restarting both GW & Mobility servers but still have not had any luck. This issue occurred during 115, 290 and also now 428. Normally if anything stopped syncing I would delete them from the Mobility connector and then re-add and everything would be fine.

Issue 2
Whenever I restart my Mobility server I have to delete and re-add two of my users. This has happened with every build. These two users were the only one's who were added when I was first testing the beta Mobility server, maybe something is carrying on I'm not sure. Have tried deleting from both connectors and re-adding but still have the issue when I restart the server.

Any ideas on how I can fix the above issues?