I've just installed Novell CIFS on our 2 node cluster so that some machines can access files without using the Netware client.

Unfortunately, I can't manage CIFS access on the cluster resource in iManager as the I get an error "The parameters to CIFS_SetServerConfiguration are not valid for this server type." when I go to File Protocols > CIFS > and then try and change any options for the resource. The CIFS virtual server name seems to be truncated.

I've verified access to the files by using the name of the node, where the resource is currently running. Using the IP address of the resource works for file access as well. Any attempt to use the cluster resource name fails.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

Possibly relevant information:

OES 2 SP 3
Kernel version
Novell Cluster Services RPM version:
Novell CIFS RPM version: 1.2.0

Resource load script novcifs line
exit_on_error novcifs --add '--vserver=".cn=CLUSTERONE_DATA1_POOL_SERVER.ou=Serve rs.o=myorg.t=mytree."' --ip-addr=x.x.x.x