Hi !

I've got a problem where the client PC (W2K Pro) connect to a BM 3.8 using
client VPN 3.8.3. The DNS and SLP settings does indeed get "pushed" to the
workstation. However the DNS settings are not recognized by the operating
system. DNS lookups don't work from either a CMD prompt using ping or using
IE. If I however go into the properties of the network connection in use.
And just make any adjustment i.e. klick and unklick something. (not DNS
related - just anything basically) and press ok, everything works just fine.
That causes the workstation to actually recognize the new DNS server
settings. The logged-in user at the time is admin equivalent.

Anybody out there that might have a clue as to what the cause might be? I've
also tried using the latest 3.8.4 Beta VPN client getting the exact same