I have a bm 3.8 server (SVR 01) running firewall with 3 nics, 1 to public, 1
to private and 1 to DMZ. I have a primary Public IP address and a
secondary, the secondary has a static nat to SRV 02 on the DMZ
I have put a bm 3.8 server (SVR 02) in the DMZ to run only VPN services.

I have run brdcfg and put the default filters on the public interface.
I have then modifed theses filters and changed the primary public IP address
to the secondary public IP address which gets static nat'd to the DMZ vpn

Is this correct ?
When I try to connect from the vpn client on the internet it fails but when
i unload ipflt it works so I know I have a filtering issue.